Ever gave thought to consider selling your designs as templates online? Don’t waste your talent; if you worked as web designer and now you want to make money by selling them as templates online. A number of buyers are out there who don’t want to waste their time in designing; instead they go for ready-made pre-designed and pre-coded template to make their life easy by just paying.

 Here are some beneficial points to convert your products into some good cash:

  1. Initial step is to look for a particular platform and master on it instead of wasting energy on many. Bring something latest and unique to the table of clients to avoid saturation. There are a lot of products like HTML/CSS templates, word press themes or plug-ins, magneto themes and Straight PSD design files, from these choose what your expertise is and work on it to progress on long basis.
  2. Second step is to identify the fact of delivering the product or doing business on individual basis. If you think that is achievable then go for it single-handedly or if your skill is not that reliable and giving you stress then better be partner up with some expert.
  3. Don’t just end up with meeting the requirements; instead be a top-notch in your area because buyers don’t compromise on quality. Organize code and files in the best possible way, like proper indentation of codes, meaningful names of files; using white space while coding, simplify the mostly used markup or scripts.
  4. Readability of code, scripts and markups is also very important. It should be clear and easy to understand. For users, there should be small notes available to make them understand how to proceed further.
  5. While making your product, always think about how buyer will find it. What can you do to improvise your product accordingly to them is to use it by yourself first, get a little insight, customize it and hand it over to other designer to find buyer’s experience.
  6. Proceed your product to some practical tests, examine it through standards and code compliance tests.
  7. After testing is completed, now look for marketing ideas like sell it through social media, by means of blogging, giving freebie and promotional offers for some limited time and buying some ad slots.
  8. Once your desired product gets success in market then look for ways to extend your business too.